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The things that drive each of us to be the best version of ourselves is all different. The cliché saying that we are all as individual as our fingerprints couldn’t be more accurate. I look in the mirror and wonder where time has gone, and think that my reflection is somehow unfamiliar. I wonder if I am the same person I was ten years ago, is it really me, staring back at me? My dreams, my hopes, my desires have remained the same, and are still very much alive inside me. They may have been laid dormant for a many years while I explored the territory of myself and encountered the world, but the coals remained, slowing burning and waiting to be ignited.

I take a closer look at myself in the mirror, I decide it is time to set fear aside, to quiet the critique within. It’s time to live the way I was intended to live, to share what I have been gifted. There will be obstacles, rejections, there will be moments of self doubt and doubt from others, but as I look in the mirror, I realize I have never really had the smoothest road to travel. I feel prepared.

I am ready to embrace the parts of me that have never been charted and embrace what makes me that individual fingerprint. I make a promise to myself, for the new year and for the years to come. I will give  myself my best, I will fight for who I am and know that the flag of my personal successes will be plunged into the earth when I need them to be.

For 2012 and the years that come, I make my resolutions more realistic and honest.

I will not resolve to live a healthier lifestyle I will add the good things when I need to and make moderation of the not so good more often.

I will not resolve to quit smoking AGAIN-I will just keep trying until I get it done.

I will not resolve to be more active – I already am, but will not blame my body for inadequacies.

I will not resolve to lose weight or attempt to flaunt a flimsy bikini for the sake of beauty – I will keep myself happy with who I am. Appearances really are only skin deep.

I will not resolve to helping the less fortunate – I will just keep on showing compassion, kindness and love whenever I can.

I will not resolve to win the race of success by trying to be be the best – I will accept how marvelous I already am and keep that alive;  quiet the inner critique.

I will not resolve to practice more patience-I will accept this as my weakness and acknowledge it. acceptance is the path to learning and to change.

I will not resolve to be a better person – Whomever said I wasn’t a good person in the first place?

I will look in the mirror more often, smile and be proud of who I am, what I have accomplished, and know exactly who I am and completely love it.


What are your resolutions for the new year?


About markella

I am a freelance writer with a creative flare for life. I see inspiration in all that I encounter and have a thirst for knowledge, life, running, cooking, being outdoors, my incredible family and of course taking pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. I spend much of my time as a student in life, learning from kids and all the wonder that surrounds us. I believe in always asking questions, even when nobody else will. l love the bountiful Okanagan Valley, where I call home and anticipate each season, as creativity and inspiration take their form all over the place here. I love the clinche saying, "You've made your bed, now lie in it." I believe we create our paths and determine our futures. Maya Angelou puts it simple and exact, " Be present in all things and thankful for all things."


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