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Wasting Time on Boredom.

There is something about wasted time that really ticks me off. Wasted time looking at tabloid magazines. Never get back those precious moments. Wasted time debating on what to wear for an interview that goes nowhere, frustrated after-math time that I will never get back. Wasted time arguing with my four year old about onion in green onion cakes, should have told him it was spinach. Wasted time surfing through countless channels on the television, only to realize all I pay for with cable is redundant reality shows. Never get that time back. Wasted time sitting in my doctors office while he is laughing on the phone with his wife. I could have been out of there ten minutes sooner and enjoying a latte or grazing the aisles at the library.

I think my biggest tick off with wasted time, is boredom. I don’t usually have to battle with this, but when my little men are bored and I have run dry on my creativity for the day, I get bored and we all get antsy and frustrated. Boredom. How many books can we read? What else can we paint? We built forts with blankets, then foam floor mats, then cushions. We have made Thanksgiving trees. We have practiced math and the alphabet. We baked bread. We attempt going for a walk. We bug hunt. What else, I ask you,an is there to do with an almost 2 year old and budding 4 1/2 year old? We waste time complaining that we’re bored. We play green army guys and I cave and fill pots with water and let them have at it until I am cringing with uuggh-ness over the slop on the floor.

I think the biggest frustration for me, with the boredom that is, is that I can’t figure out what else to pull out of my sack of “things to do”. Trust me, I bet I have done it and probably over done it too. If it’s just little old me, I can say firmly that I am never bored. I have plenty of things to keep me occupied and entertained, if only the boys enjoyed relaxing with a cup of tea and a long book.

This weekend I am trying to prepare myself (keep in mind I have a “bum leg”) so that we are far from having moments of wasted time. I want to hear, “That was the coolest day ever mom,” or some kind of variant translated from toddler and pre-schooler.

I am thinking, craft? BORING. Done it a gazillion times. Thought about a good swim, but that requires too much physical exertion on my part, which I would be willing to do if I could. Soooo, maybe? How about a theme day? Science Center again? I am really stumped but feel that the little men need something different and exciting this weekend, as do I.

Suggestions would be very, very appreciated.


About markella

I am a freelance writer with a creative flare for life. I see inspiration in all that I encounter and have a thirst for knowledge, life, running, cooking, being outdoors, my incredible family and of course taking pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. I spend much of my time as a student in life, learning from kids and all the wonder that surrounds us. I believe in always asking questions, even when nobody else will. l love the bountiful Okanagan Valley, where I call home and anticipate each season, as creativity and inspiration take their form all over the place here. I love the clinche saying, "You've made your bed, now lie in it." I believe we create our paths and determine our futures. Maya Angelou puts it simple and exact, " Be present in all things and thankful for all things."


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