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Some rain and a cup of tea please.

I don’t mind the drizzle or the overcast clouds today, after all, it is the perfect day for soup, sandwiches and another attempt at putting the laundry and dishes away. I have a feeling that instead of attempting this impossible feat, that I will have ended up enjoying a bowl of popcorn with my boys as we play trains and make capes from blankets, I will have been a sea monster or a princess in distress.  I’m certain that at 8 o’clock this evening I will be picking play dough out of my rug, sweeping rice and cheerios from the floor and adding clothes to Mount St. Laundry on my bedroom floor.

I will be lucky if the laundry gets put away and the play dough lifts from my rug. There are a few things I can guarantee in my days at home.I can promise the boys will be tuckered out, read to, bathed, tickled, timed-out and have eaten their fill. I can also put a lifetime warranty on plenty of love, intensely hilarious conversations with my family, good family dinners and quiet moments to enjoy a cup of tea, such as today.

As the rain drizzles, my boys peacefully napping, my laundry again begging for mercy, my kitchen unaware of its torment, I feel blissfully content.


About markella

I am a freelance writer with a creative flare for life. I see inspiration in all that I encounter and have a thirst for knowledge, life, running, cooking, being outdoors, my incredible family and of course taking pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. I spend much of my time as a student in life, learning from kids and all the wonder that surrounds us. I believe in always asking questions, even when nobody else will. l love the bountiful Okanagan Valley, where I call home and anticipate each season, as creativity and inspiration take their form all over the place here. I love the clinche saying, "You've made your bed, now lie in it." I believe we create our paths and determine our futures. Maya Angelou puts it simple and exact, " Be present in all things and thankful for all things."


2 thoughts on “Some rain and a cup of tea please.

  1. Good stuff. 🙂 Mount St. Laundry is a never ending climb in a houseful of young children…

    Posted by stuffboysdo | August 24, 2011, 1:45 pm

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