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June 2nd Run

Yesterday was a pyjama day. I felt rotten and decided to sit at home doing very little. Funny how easily I get bored doing nothing, so at 4 o’clock I ran upstairs and changed into my running gear. By the time my husband was home I was out the door a few moments later.

I stretched. Normally I forgo this necessity, but I decided that I should start to make a habit of this. I quickly guzzled a bottle of water, and popped in two pieces of gum. I don’t normally bring water with me, I would if I had invested in a water-bottle belt, but I find chewing gum keeps me focused. It also helps to to keep my mouth closed and moist so that I’m not panting like a thirsty dog midway through my run.

I ran the 5 km, the whole thing. About three quarters of the way through I started to worry about my upcoming half marathon. At this point, I can manage 5 km well, but today my hips are tight and sore. I also realized that I need a better playlist on my i pod to keep me going when I hit my “wall” and am about to cave in to the exhaustion or mental battle. Today, I had my husbands’ i pod and was thinking to myself, “How does he run to this music?”.  I tried to put myself in his shoes when he runs, and I could understand how this would work for him. Each runner has their own unique experience when they run. Mine is as unique as the way I physically run, my pace, my breathing, my high points and my walls. Still, I think my selection of running music is easier to get into.

Another couple weeks of 5 km runs and I’ll be stepping it up to 7 km.

Next Run: Monday, June 6th 5 km.


About markella

I am a freelance writer with a creative flare for life. I see inspiration in all that I encounter and have a thirst for knowledge, life, running, cooking, being outdoors, my incredible family and of course taking pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. I spend much of my time as a student in life, learning from kids and all the wonder that surrounds us. I believe in always asking questions, even when nobody else will. l love the bountiful Okanagan Valley, where I call home and anticipate each season, as creativity and inspiration take their form all over the place here. I love the clinche saying, "You've made your bed, now lie in it." I believe we create our paths and determine our futures. Maya Angelou puts it simple and exact, " Be present in all things and thankful for all things."


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